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What is Speech Therapy?


Speech Therapists are professionals who are trained to assess speech & language development and to treat speech & language disorders.

For a child with speech or language disorder, the speech therapist will assess the child’s communication impairment and evaluate its impact on the child’s daily functioning, performance in school, and social interactions with others.


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A speech disorder refers to a problem with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas.

A child’s speech and language development usually follow a typical pattern. If the development deviates from the typical pattern, then this issue will be a concern.

Speech Therapy will be able to work with such concerns. The speech therapist will first determine the type of disorder and the level of severity and then plan for the rehabilitation needs of the child.


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Symptoms that suggest a need for speech therapy assessment:


  • Unable to articulate words clearly even after repeated times of practice
  • Stutters when speaking
  • Unable to control the volume of his voice
  • Drool when speaking
  • Has a poor understanding of what was said to him
  • Limited vocabulary
  • Unable to speak in proper sentences coherently
  • Poor feeding or fussy eaters
  • Not speaking simple words even at 24 months
  • Poor imitation skill
  • Not interested in social interaction
  • Pragmatic Language/Social Skills Deficits


Our Speech Therapists provide the following services:


Infant and Premature Babies Speech Therapy


  • Infant Learning skills
  • Early Language Stimulation Programme
  • Feeding, Swallowing, and Sucking Therapy
  • Tube Feeding Training


Children and Youths Speech Therapy


  • Oromotor Exercises
  • Preschool Communication Programme using PECS
  • Speech Articulation Therapy, eg PROMPT
  • Stuttering Therapy
  • Auditory Processing Programme for Central Auditory Processing disorders
  • Literary and Dyslexia
  • Phonological Therapy
  • Social Communication training
  • Voice Care


What Can Therapy Alliance Singapore do for you?


Therapy Alliance Singapore offer Individual Speech Therapy, tailor to the children’s specific needs and disorder in communication and social interactions. Language courses for individuals and groups are also available to cater to the child’s progress.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion with our Speech Therapist to understand your situation and to offer advice on Speech Therapy or more. We respect your privacy, all information shared will be kept confidential.


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