Problems & Challenges With ADHD kids


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The below are the common list of problems & challenges with the behaviours of ADHD kids.


  • Demand attention by talking, or excessive talking. Their verbalization may seem irrelevant.
  • Their performance in tasks indicates that they are not thinking reflectively about what they are doing.
  • Have problems in completing work where there is no direct supervision.
  • Often moving around in the room, touching objects.
  • Have trouble following instructions, especially when they’re presented in a few sequences or in a list.
  • May have messy and illegible handwriting due to lack of fine motor control and attention.
  • Unable to handle Math questions that require ordered steps, such as long division or solving equations.
  • Often forget to do school homework assignments or bring completed work back to school.
  • Has trouble in organising tasks and activities
  • Is very forgetful in daily activities


With these challenges, children with ADHD often get low grades, scolding, punishment, and teasing from their peers.

As a result, many of them suffered from low self-esteem issues which in turn, makes them demotivated and disinterested in their learning.

You may also make use of this screening tools to check whether the child demonstrates inattentive and hyperactive tendencies


How Is ADHD Being Diagnosed?


Mental healthcare providers use the guidelines in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM-5)1, to help diagnose ADHD.  


How to help ADHD kids stay focus & improve concentration?


ADHD can be managed with the right treatment. There are many treatment options available.

What works best will depend on the individual child and family. Working closely together with the healthcare providers and teachers involved is important and recommended.

Types of treatment for ADHD include


  • Behaviour therapy
  • Parents’ training in behaviour management
  • Medication
  • Organisational skill training
  • Social skill training
  • Complementary treatments such as special nutritional diet, TCM, fish oil supplement, or  neurofeedback


Neurofeedback therapy is gaining popularity over the years. One of the reasons for such interest is that the available treatments for ADHD do not work well enough for many children especially in the area of improving attention & focus.

Also, several studies have shown that neurofeedback can help with ADHD symptoms.

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