Employment For Special Needs Adults in Singapore


If you are a parent of people with disabilities such as autism, you are likely to be worried about whether your child will get employed with a permanent job, be independent and be able to take cares of themselves in adulthood. 
So, where do you start to achieve the goal?
You may engage this organisation Trampolene who is a Singapore based company who empowers individuals with autism and special needs with tailored career pathways and development.
Established in 2016, Trampolene is a non-profit social innovation enterprise founded by a dedicated team determined to utilize their expertise for the advancement of underserved communities, promoting independent and dignified living.
They have a pool of business partners whom they work with closely for the employment for special needs adults in Singapore.
Guided Job and skills coaching
The services they provide covers:
1. Skills training
2. Guided Coaching and skills enhancement
3. professional growth & development
Talk to them to discuss your case to see how they can help you and it is easy to embark on the journey with them through these 3 steps.
1. Check your eligibility to join the program
2. Sign up for free assessment
3. Start your journey
Find out more at https://trampolene.org/
Check one of the many success stories here: