Dyslexia Test

Dyslexia Test and Diagnosis

There is no single test that can diagnose Dyslexia. Your child’s doctor will consider a number of factors before the diagnosis. They are:

  • Your child’s development, educational issues, medical history and daily activities.

Child Sit on books & readingYour doctor will likely ask you questions about these areas. The doctor will likely also want to know about any conditions that run in your child’s family, including whether any family members have a learning disability. Your child’s daily activities will also be discussed to determine if there are any problems at home.

Your child’s doctor may have your child, family members or teachers answer written questions. Your child may be asked to take tests to identify reading and language abilities.

  • Psychological testing.

The doctor may ask you or your child questions to better understand your child’s psychological state. This can help determine whether social problems, anxiety or depression may be limiting your child’s abilities.

  • Testing reading and other academic skills.

Your child may take a set of educational tests and have the process and quality of reading skills analyzed by a reading expert.

  • Vision, hearing and brain (neurological) tests.

If suspected of co-exist issues, further neurological and physical tests will be suggested. These can help to determine whether another disorder may be causing or adding to your child’s poor reading ability.

Parents, Guardians or care taker recognizing such Dyslexia symptoms in the child and seeking early intervention will lead to better outcomes for both affected children and their families.

Here’s a recording by Channel News Asia on parents and experts call for early screening of Dyslexia at preschool level

How can Therapy Alliance Singapore help?

If you observe Dyslexia symptoms demonstrated by your child, do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation discussion on your child’s condition with our Therapist/Specialist before deciding to perform a Dyslexia test or assessment for complete analysis of your child.

Email us any inquiry, our Therapist/Specialist will discuss with you to understand your child’s condition and offer their best advice whether it is necessary to have the Dyslexia test to be conducted.


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