Attention Span Assist Program for ADHD Kids
Attention Span Assist Program Singapore

What is the Attention Span Assist Program (ASAP)?


We had shared on our website what causes the short attention span and how to help ADHD kids to stay focus and improve concentration. Hope they are informative to most of you.

We had developed an in-house program called ASAP (Attention Span Assist Program) which addresses the attention span needs targeting ADHD child.


Attention Span Assist Program


The ASAP program utilises Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology and features the Cogo* (previously known as CogoLand) attention training program and the Neeuro SenzeBand.

It is a Brain Training game targeting ADHD kids which is noninvasive and certified safe to use. The solution was developed at A*STAR’s Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), as a result of a collaboration between IMH and Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.


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In the latest clinical trial that involved 172 ADHD children, the results showed that children who received 8 weeks of intervention showed more significant improvement in their inattentive symptoms than those who did not receive an intervention.



*Cogo is a digital attention training program for ages 7-12, using neurofeedback with a non-invasive Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) game. We are the authorized reseller of Neeuro Cogo Solutions. 


How It Works


There is a Pre-assessment or Demo session where you can sign up with your child to know more about the program and how it can help the child.


How Cogoland Works


Here’s a nutshell of the sequence of activities after signing up for the ASAP program.


  • Introduction – Pre-Assessment, Program objectives, Training Schedule, Calibration
  • Ready For Training in 24 game sessions in 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Assessment, Review, and Discussion of the need for a Home Program



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do we know that the child is getting better in their ADHD symptoms and not just memorizing the games?

Ans: There is no memorization in Cogo* as the objective of the game is to get the child to focus and sustain their focus. During the game sessions, the attention level of the child is tracked.

We monitor the average attention level for each session. Over the whole training course, the child becomes better at their attention control, and we can observe the average attention by session to be trending up.


Q: How will I know if the program is suitable for my child? 

Ans: Cogo* is designed for children with ADHD who have inattentive symptoms or a combination of inattentive and hyperactive.


Q:  is it a ‘one size fits all’ solution?

Cogo* is a personalized training program. Before starting the training, the child goes through a ‘Calibration Phase’. This is done under the supervision of a clinician. During Calibration, the child wears Neeuro’s SenzeBand, so his/her EEG data is collected.

That data is then used to build the child’s personalized attention state model which is used to track how well the child is focusing during the training sessions.


Q: Can the improvements/changes be seen throughout the rest of the child’s life or does it only have a short effect?

Ans: In the latest clinical trial using Cogo*, the intervention program was done with children in several phases: 8 weeks of intensive training followed by maintenance training (3 sessions per month) over the course of 12 weeks.

The researchers saw that Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)-based attention training program can lessen ADHD symptoms and maintenance training may sustain these improvements.


Q: Some parents are concerned with children using their gadgets and their screen time effects. Would the Cogo* sessions negatively impact their child’s screen time?

Ans: We are very much conscious of concerns over screen time. In Cogo*, the sessions are monitored and limited to 20 minutes.

This ensures that we are only using the device to achieve the goal of getting the child to improve and sustain their attention level.


How Do I Get Started on the ASAP Program?


Register your interest by submitting the form below and we shall fill you in with the ASAP program details. Alternatively, you can email for any inquiry.