Our Professional Services

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy sessions specially designed to help people overcome Speech and Language difficulties.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy that helps to develop or maintain daily living and work skills to be as independent as possible.

Psychology Services

Psychological Services that covers Psychotherapy, Counselling, Assessment, Anger Management & Social Skills Training.

Digital Therapeutics

Supplement Programs such as Digital Therapeutics, Arts sessions specially designed to accelerate the progress for people with different needs

About Us

We are parents of a Special Needs Child with autism. We were truly devastated when our child was first diagnosed with autism when he was 3.5 years old. The condition was foreign to us. Hence, with all our might, we desperately sought out all the relevant information about the condition and its various treatments in Singapore.

Back then, the information on the website was not as informative and comprehensive as today. We were not sure what kind of Special Needs Therapy was suitable for our child at that time and which therapist to go to. We went through lots of up and downs, trial and errors. 

Along the way, we had also witnessed the arduous journey of many parents who were trying to seek out effective treatments and suitable therapists. Experience is required in making the right judgment.

Nurturing Hands

We hope that our assay will play an important role in helping that judgment as to which Special Needs Therapy and Therapists to approach. Thus, we have created this Special Needs website platform to help parent in-needs to find the relevant information they may require.

We also have a group of reliable and experienced Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, Special Educational Teachers whom we can confidently recommend to you if you have no therapist to turn to.

This will help you to take the guesswork out and not to dwindle away the time as time is of the essence to a Special Needs Child. We hope to be your Therapy Alliance as you navigate this journey to explore the most appropriate Special Needs Therapy and support for your child.

Your Child’s Progress shall be our Greatest Reward and Motivation!

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“My son YH is autistic and he had been with the Therapy Alliance Singapore for >3 years where he attended Occupational Therapy, Language, social interactions and Math tuition classes. The Therapist/teachers are very patient and concern over his progress. YH had shown significant improvements over these years in terms of behavioral, academic and focus. Thanks for the Excellent & Exceptional efforts!”

— YH’s Mom, Ms Lee

“Thank you to all of you for your kindness. Thanks for supporting our special kids. Thanks for believing in them. Thanks for being there for us and teaching us to accept our kids. I’m touched by the sincerity you all have shown. You have shown the kids true love!”

— Zave’s Mom

“Marcus was diagnosed with Austism (ASD) in KKH. He attended the social skills and tuition class since 2012. He had remarked with a lot of improvements through your effective and caring guidance. Nowadays, he shows lesser tantrums and able to listen to instructions and he shows great interest to attend the classes. I foreseen that Marcus will benefit the most in his learning journey with Therapy Alliance Singapore.”

— Marcus’s Mom, Ms Chris Ho

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